CNO Professional Reading Program

The following list of books is currently posted at the Navy Exchange, Naval Station Everett as essential readings by the Admiral John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations:


  • The Accidental Admiral by James Stavridis
  • Principles of Maritime Strategies by Julian Corbett
  • Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat by Wayne P. Hughes, Jr.
  • Joe Rochefort’s War by Elliot CarlsonScreen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.14.54 AM
  • No Higher Honor by Bradley Peniston
  • Red Star Over the Pacific by Toshi Toshihara & James R. Holmes
  • Rickover and the Nuclear Navy by Francis Duncan
  • Rickover Effect by Theodore Rockwell
  • Rules of the Game by Andrew Gordon
  • Toward a New Maritime Strategy by Peter H. Haynes
  • The Two Ocean War by Samuel Eliot Morison
  • Utmost Savagery by Joseph H. Alexander


  • In Love and War by Jim & Sybil Stockdale
  • Navigating the Seven Seas by Melvin G. Williams
  • One Hundred Days by Sandy Woodward & Patrick Robinson


  • First to Fight by Victor H. Krulak
  • Military Strategy by J. C. Wylie

More information on the above list and additional selections from the CNO’s professional reading program can be accessed by clicking HERE.

(CNO Flag accessed from website at

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