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The Zoom site opened at 1730 PDT for logging in, and the meeting was called to order at 1800 by Capt. John C. Laible, PNW Commander/Treasurer. At 1810 the meeting was closed to additional people signing in for security purposes. Present were Capt. Solon Webb, Web and Zoom Administrator; Capt. John C. Laible, Commander; Cricket Crockett Laible, Secretary/Recorder; Capt. Jim McGinnis, Commander -elect; Capt. Joe Valenta; David Todd; David Turner; Fred Wolff; George Jodry; Gil Beyer; Harry Stengele; John Gerten; Norm Eberly; and Bill Hickman.

Solon showed a 3-minute video of World War II Navy activities.

John Laible, Treasurer reported that $954.60 (less $100.00 for History Education Day Winner) is in the treasury. The $100.00 has not been disbursed because of the Covid 19 virus prohibiting meeting in person in Yakima. It was agreed that John Laible will request a refund of $100.00 from Grazzi’s for the November/December meetings that were scheduled there. It is unlikely that we will be able to meet because of the Covid-19 virus.

We discussed signers for our bank account at First Financial Northwest Bank. Currently John Laible, Joe Valenta, and Harry Stengele are signers. John suggested Commander-elect Jim McGinnis be added as a signer. Harry Stengele said he may remain as a signer and serve as Treasurer for 2022.

NOUS National has a fiscal year ending September 30. In order for PNW to report/file under National’s tax reporting umbrella, we need to change our fiscal year end to September 30. MOTION made by John Laible, Seconded by Gil Beyer, and unanimously Passed to change NOUS PNW’s fiscal year end to September 30.

The 2021-2022 Officers have been elected. See attached list.

John Laible went over the Planned Calendar for the remainder of 2020:
14 Oct 2020 – Zoom training for Companions just prior to the National NOUS Congresss
16-17 Oct ’20 – Zoom National Congress. Jim McGinnis, Joe Valenta, and Gil Beyer will be our 3 representatives. However, all members are invited to attend the Congress. e.g/, John Laible and Solon Webb. The Congress will run for 2 days, 3 hours each day. MOTION/Seconded/Passed: To pay each the $12 fee for each representative.
Our representatives will request a more equitable disbursement of annual/lifetime fees, i.e., 50-75% of the dues versus 25%. At present, local chapters only get 25% ($10 of the $40 dues). Joe will send a copy of last year’s letter regarding this to John.
19 Oct – @1600 – Zoom Recap of National Congress, John Laible presents The Battle of Yorktown, the final defeat of the British battle.
10 Nov (Mon) 1600 – Zoom US Navy Birthday. John Laible presents the USS Constitution and the original Navy.
7 Dec (Mon) 1600 – Zoom Change of Command: Capt. Jim McGinnis assumes as Commander of NOUS PNW for 2021-2022 from Capt. John Laible. (Note date change due to Christmas holiday.)

Jim McGinnis presented the Proposed Calendar for 2021. Once approved, no one shall change or adjust the times, dates, places, or meeting subjects without Capt. McGinnis’s prior approval:

18 Jan 2021 – Zoom Business Meeting
Xx Feb 2021 – Zoom meeting. Date to be determined with input from Capt Dick Griffin regarding The National History Day event.
27 Mar 2021 – Zoom 1.Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Guest Speaker, Joe and Gil (the old Naval exp) 2. Littoral Combat Ships briefing by Jim McGinnis (the new Naval experience).
19 Apr 2021 – Zoom Business Meeting
17 May 2021 – Zoom Discussion Group, Joe Valenta, Chair/
19 Jun 2021 – Zoom Battle of Midway Remembrance, Battle of the Philippine Sea, combat in the Marianas Islands, Leyte. Venue to be determined.
Xx Jul 2021 – Open
7 Aug 2021 – Bar-b-que party (after Covid-19). Discussion Group ?
20 Sep 2021 – Business Meeting. Election of new officers.
18-22 Oct 2021 – NOUS Congress, San Diego.
13 Nov 2021 – Navy Birthday / Veterans Day Brunch.
7 Dec 2021 – Pearl Harbor dinner.

Jim McGinnis presented ways to increase membership and participation.

Joe Valenta presented Discussion Group topics for 2021.

PNW now has 35 active members.

NEW BUSINESS: A discussion of starting the meetings at 1600-1630 Sign in, 1630 Meeting Starts, 1800 Meeting Ends. Everyone agreed with the new time, beginning immediately – Oct. 2020 meeting.

Reminder: NOUS PNW website is

The meeting was adjourned at 1918.

Respectfully submitted,
Cricket Crockett Laible, Companion


The meeting was called to order by Vice-Commander Jim McGinnis via Zoom at 1800 on August 24, 2020 via Zoom. Solon Webb was the Zoom Administrator. The meeting was closed to attendees at 1810. Commander John C. Laible expressed his thanks to Jim for conducting this meeting due to his being in the Yellowstone area where Wi-Fi is not always reliable, and to Joe Valenta, Discussion Group Chairman.

Present were Capt. Jim McGinnis, Capt. John Laible, Cricket Crockett Laible, Capt. Solon Webb, Capt. Joe Valenta, Dr./LCdr Fred Wolf, ETC Gil Beyer, LtJG Harry Stengele, TMC John Gerten, PN3 Mark Thompson, Capt. Dick Griffith, and George Jodry.

Discussion Group Chairman Joe Valenta introduced “Our Sputnik Moment” based on the Sputnik satellite 63 years ago in 1957. Five book summaries were discussed.

  1. War and Peace in the Information Age by Jim McGinnis. Cyber / reconnaissance warfare.
  2. Kissinger by Joe Valenta.
  3. Shipbuilding by Solon Webb for Dave Todd.
  4. Understanding Normal Accident Theory by Fred Wolf.
  5. Current Events by Gil Beyer.

A round-table discussion and comments followed. Joe mentioned 20 alarm bells including the Covid 19 virus.

A Commandery Growth Ideas List was led by Jim McGinnis regarding future topics, suggestions from the group, i.e., inviting maritime authors to speak via Zoom. We already have a Suggestion Box on Zoom in place on our website

Future meetings are:

Sept. 21 – Business/Organizational/Administrative Meeting, and Draft of 2021 Events.

Oct. 16-17 – Annual NOUS Congress meeting via Zoom (cancelled in person due to Covid 19).

Oct. 19 – Business Meeting, revisit 2021 ideas, NW growth ideas, and the Battle of Yorktown by speaker John Laible.

Nov. 7 – Birthday of US Navy. The Start of the US Navy by speaker John Laible.

Dec. 7 – Pearl Harbor remembrance. Change of Command for 2021-22 officers.Hopefully we will be able to meet at Grazzi’s for a dinner meeting in December; if not, then we will have a Zoom meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 1943 by Vice Commander Jim McGinnis.

Respectfully submitted,
Cricket Crockett Laible,

20 July 2020 – Minutes of Meeting

The Zoom meeting was called to order by Capt. John C. Laible, Commander, at 1805. Capt. Solon Webb administered the meeting via Zoom. The meeting was available to sign in from 1730 until 1810. Present were John Laible, Solon Webb, Jim McGinnis, Joe Valenta, Cricket Crockett Laible, George Jodry, Dave Todd, Harry Stengele, Norm Eberly, Gil Beyer, Dick Griffin, and Mark Thompson.

Capt. Laible reported that the NOUS National meeting will not be held at Niagara Falls this year due to the Corona Covid-19 virus. There will be Zoom meetings October 14-15-16. More information will be coming later.

Capt. Laible asked Dave Todd, Membership Chair, for updated numbers for the National Report.

Dick Griffin, Historian/Educational Chair, was asked to contact the winner of the Washington State 2020 National History Day contest to inform the winner that the $100 check is still to be awarded. It has not been presented yet due to the virus in the Yakima area. John will send the phone number and address to Dick.

Nominations for the 2021-2022 Officers were:

Capt. Jim McGinnis Commander
Capt. John Laible Vice-Commander (temporary)
Capt. John Laible Treasurer
Cricket Crockett Laible Secretary/Recorder
Capt. David Todd Membership Chair
Capt. Joe Valenta Historian/Discussion Group Chair
Capt. Dick Griffin Education Chair
TMC John Gerten Photographer
Capt. Solon Webb Webmaster and Technical Support
State Advisers and ETC Gil Beyer – Idaho Out-of-state recruiters – Capt. Dave Todd – Oregon Capt. John Laible – Washington

MOTION made by Solon Webb, seconded, and approved to elect the above officers for 2021-22.

Capt. Laible requested Membership Chair Dave Todd to write up Membership procedures for our Procedure Manual. Any other committee chair was asked to also provide their pertinent procedures.

Upcoming meetings for the remainder of 2020 will be:

Aug. 24, Monday, Zoom meeting Discussion Group – Joe Valenta, “Our Sputnik Moment”
Sept. 21, Monday, Zoom meeting Report on the Battle of Yorktown, John Laible
Oct. 12, Monday, Zoom meeting Future Growth Round Table – Joe Valenta, Jim McGinnis

Oct. 14-15-16, Thurs, Fri, Sat National NOUS Convention Zoom meeting
Nov. 17, Monday, Zoom meeting Veterans Day and Navy Birthday –
John Laible will report on Naval history
Dec. 5, Sat, Dinner at Grazzi’s (?) Pearl Harbor Day, USS Arizona – John Laible, George Jodry
Change of Command (Effective January 1, 2021)

Treasurer’s Report was given by Capt. Laible. There is a bank balance of $916.14 currently, but $100.00 is still pending for the History Contest winner, so the net balance is $816.14. John will check with Grazzi’s for a refund of our $100 deposit if we are unable to have our November and December meetings there, or change the dates to next spring after Covid-19 is over and we can resume meetings.

Joe Valenta and Jim McGinnis presented “The Northwest Future Growth Framework.” Energetic recruiting, canvassing members for suggestions directly following meetings, focusing on the next 6 months and 2021, and doubling the membership by yearend were discussed. Objective: Develop a list of ideas for growth, discussion topics, above topics. Project Team: Jim McGinnis (defense, recruiting); Joe Valenta (topic ideas); and Solon Webb (Maximum security measures), website programs, privacy of individuals, be within the scope of National NOUS charter. Growth through top moderators, expanding Zoom programs to the community regarding maritime history through historical presentations or book reviews to Rotary, Veterans groups, etc. Give people a job to do directly following each discussion group. Ask for contributions from new members. Who can contribute regarding Naval history? Set up a Zoom corner on the website with a suggestion box. Keep members active by getting involved.

Current topics suggested are: Climate change, Second Nuclear Age, US Space Force, 5G Network Capability/National Security implications, submarine fleet capabilities for US, Russia, China and others, new littoral ships (USS Oakland, USS Montgomery, now mission ready), trimaran-hulled ships.

Our NOUS PNW calendar is generally set up as follows:
Jan, Apr, July, Oct – Business meeting. Feb, May, Aug, Nov Zoom Discussion Group Mar, June, Sept, Dec Dinner Meeting Restaurant or Zoom

Items mentioned were request for volunteers, the third weekend of May is Armed Forces weekend and JBLM is more open to groups to have displays at that time, adopt a ship, get active in the Washington, D.C. Book Club and give book reports.

The meeting was adjourned at 1928.

Respectfully submitted,
Cricket Crockett Laible

17 February 2020 – Minutes of Meeting/Discussion Group

Captain John Liable discussed member participation and getting more members involved with our NWNOUS meetings and events. National NOUS has an ongoing book club that meets monthly. General discussions were held about how we might get involved. More research is necessary before we undertake any further actions.

Our discussion group leader, Captain Joe Valenta, led a lively and informative discussion on Arctic Ice Melting and the effects on Naval and International Strategies. Eight members attended and two members SKYPED. We generally agreed that Climate change is happening however, we identified multiple reasons other than Carbon Dioxide emissions that need to be addressed. With Arctic Melting shipping lanes are being created which present multiple challenges. Damage to Global Environments, Security and Commercialization of Natural Resources are some of the major consequences. We discussed major challenges for both our Navy and Coast Guard. Joe finished the meeting with an Executive Summary and handout.

The next Discussion Group meeting is Monday, May 18th. The topic is “China as a World Power”. Members are encouraged to read a book pertaining to the topic and be prepared to provide an overview at the meeting.

Our next general meeting is a dinner on March 28th, at Grazie Restaurant in Bothell, WA.More information will be forthcoming.

(Above Submitted by Harry Stengele, Recorder.)

20 January 2020 – Summary of NOUS Northwest Meeting 

The meeting was called to order by Commander John C. Laible at 1820. Present were Capt. John C. Laible, Capt. Joe Valenta, Harry Stengele , Floyd Kershner, Mike , John Gerten, and Cricket Crockett Laible. Also present via Skype were Solon Webb , Jim McGinnis, and Dave Todd.

Floyd apologized for sending out the wrong address for the meeting.

Capt. Laible thanked Floyd for arranging for (active) Admiral Grey to be our speaker March 28 at the dinner meeting at Grazie’s Restaurant, 23207 Bothell/Everett Highway, Bothell, WA.

Commander/Treasurer Laible gave the financial report. We have not heard from National if they have received the Non-Profit status umbrella for us this year. If not, we will have to file a Form 1120 Non-Profit again this year. The amount in the bank account at December 31, 2019 was $876.14. A reimbursement of $200.00 was requested by Capt. Laible for the reservation holds for the four Grazie rooms. John paid for it on his personal credit card when the reservations were made. Capt. Joe Valenta will sign a check for the reimbursement of $200.00. There were no other questions regarding finances.

Please make sure to send in your membership dues as soon as you are notified.

There was a review and final approval of the Organization Duties.
Capt. John Laible Commander and Treasurer
Harry Stengele Recorder/Secretary-send out notices, keep membership list
Current in coordination with Floyd.
Floyd Kershner Historian, Venues, Skype, current membership list with Harry
SolonWebb Website (

Notices of monthly and quarterly meetings will be sent out 2 & ½ weeks prior to the date with 7 day reminders, including rsvp information, correct address and when needed, the NOUS PNW web site address. The automatic 7 day reminder did not work so we will utilize the standard manual process.

Notices of the discussion group meetings will be sent out 30 days prior with 7 day reminders. The notices will include the topic, reference material and correct address for the meeting. The next discussion group will be February 17 at the Makers facility on Melting Arctic Regions.

The only change to this schedule will be for the March meeting only. Because we are having Admiral Grey as our speaker, will send out a 30 day notice as well as a 7 day notice. We want a great attendance representing NOUS PNW.

NOUS PNW Meeting. Whoever is in charge of a meeting must notify Harry and Solon of the details in sufficient time for them to send out the notices and post on the website. NO ONE IS AUTHORIZED TO SEND OUT ANY SCHEDULES, MEETING DATES OR MEETING DETAILS EXCEPT THAT YOU GO THROUGH HARRY. If you need to send out detailed information, i.e, the “Discussion Group’s study information, make sure you provide the date, time and location of the meeting to allow Harry input to include in his notice.

The National History Day program on June 14-18 was discussed. Richard Griffin is our coordinator but is out of town and left information with John Laible. We need volunteers for this. Contests for the high schools in our area will be 2/29 (SW Ore), 3/14 Idaho, 4/27 Ore, ?? Kent, Wash. John will get more information and will call Solan, Joe, and Floyd. Jim McGinnis volunteered for Oregon. Participation in this project is very important for NOUS’s community involvement. Solan has already posted information on the website ( for the History program.

Discussions ensued regarding the meeting dates/agendas which are not to be changed without the NOUS PNW’s Commander’s approval. Any changes that are modified and approved are to be sent to Solon for announcement changes in our website and will also be sent out by Harry.

January 20, 2020 Monday – Planning meeting at 1830, Makers space. Capt. John Laible.

February 17 Monday – Discussion Group at 1800, Makers Space. Subject: Arctic Changes and It’s Effect on Naval and International Strategies. Leader Capt. Joe Valenta.

March 28 Saturday – Quarterly dinner meeting 1600-1900 at Grazie’s Restaurant, 23207 Bothell/Everett Highway SE, Bothell, Wa. Admiral Grey, Commander, Pacific Northwest is the speaker. Coordinator Floyd Kerschner. Floyd will confirm Adm. Grey’s subject before sending out information. We need RSVPs for this event. Guests are welcome, but we need a head count. Harry Stengele will receive the reservations.

April 25 Saturday – Visit the Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport, Wa. All-day event 10-4. John Gerten Coordinator. We will meet at the Edmonds ferry at approximately 10:00 and carpool from the ferry to the Museum and reverse. John Gerten will arrange the schedule and post it in March. Capt. and Mrs.Laible will search for adequate parking and John Gertin will check ferry schedules.

May 18 Monday – At 1800-2000, Makers Space. Subject to be announced later (possibly the 2nd Nuclear Age). Discussion Leader Capt. Joe Valenta.

June 20 Saturday – Quarterly dinner meeting 1600-1900 at Grazie’s Restaurant, Bothell, Wa. Presentation by LCDR Joe Martin, Battle of Midway. Coordinator Floyd Kershner.

Floyd – please contact LCDR Martin to coordinate the presentation. As a new member he may need some guidance and help to feel comfortable.

July 20 Monday – Planning meeting 1800, Makers Space. Discussion of 2021 Officer Elections.
Be thinking of possible candidates for 2021 Officers. We could start integrating new officer elects over the next few months.
Capt. John Laible will prepare an Annual Report to National.
NOUS PNW Meeting January 20, 2020

August 17 Monday – No meetings this month. Many will be on vacation.

Sept. 21 Monday – Monthly meeting 1600-1900, Makers Space. Election of 2021 Officers and 2021 Events. Determine representatives to the National meeting in Buffalo, NY, Capt. Joe Valenta. Moderator Capt. John Laible.

October No Local Meeting. National NOUS Meeting in Buffalo Oct. 14-17.
Navy Birthday Oct. 13.

Nov. 7 Saturday – Quarterly dinner meeting 1600-1900 at Grazie’s Restaurant, Bothell. Floyd, please prepare a presentation.

Dec. 5 Saturday – Dinner meeting 1600-1900 at Grazie’s Restaurant, Bothell. Honoring Pearl Harbor December 7. Possible presentation by Capt. John Laible and Floyd Kershner – TBD.

Service Organizations presentations – Cricket will be contacting organizations.


Capt. Joe Valenta showed us some NOUS business cards for individuals.

There may be a chance to ride a ship from Astoria to Portland for the Rose Festival. Dave Todd and Floyd Kershner will coordinate.

There may possibly be some involvement in Seafair (ride ships?). Dave Todd coordinator.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1945.

Respectfully submitted,

Cricket Crockett Laible

9 September 2019 – Summary of NOUS Northwest Meeting 

We will discontinue Evite immediately and begin utilizing the feature that is on Outlook.  Floyd will handle the conversion.  Floyd will meet with Harry before the end of Sept. to help him to utilize Outlook.
     Floyd will set up outlook so the officers can get a current membership list.
     Harry is getting a new computer to be able handle the membership list.  Floyd will help Harry to be up to speed by the end of Sept. at the latest.
     Only Harry, Floyd & I can send out emails to the general membership.  The only exception will be Richard Griffin regarding the American essay contests.
       Harry will send out notices of our general meetings, dinner meetings and trip events 2 & 1/2 weeks and again one week in advance.  Outlook can be programmed to automatically send out the second notice.  Discussion group meetings will be sent out 1 month before the scheduled meeting and include suggested sources for advanced study.  Even if it is only to “research the subject on the web”.  Longer lead times may be needed for special tours & events.  All department heads will submit all meetings, events etc. to Harry, Solon & Floyd in sufficient time for Harry to be able send out proper notices.  Once a date/event/meeting is decided upon No one is authorized to change it without my permission.
      Harry will send out the minutes of all meetings & notices to Solon for inclusion in the web site.
       Floyd will take over membership beginning immediately.   Review all applications and add to our membership list.  Then forward to the commanding officer with the applicants checks.  The CO will send it off to National. Solon & Harry will be notified of the new member.
      Cricket Laible has volunteered to contact all local service organizations and local stations to set up our NOUS presentations.  Floyd will have all presentations fully to go by year end.
       It was explained that SKYPE is a powerful tool that we should fully utilize.  We had 6 members on skype for this meeting allowing us to@ directly communicate with 11 members.  Floyd shared that telephone 1numbers won’t work on Skype.  All must provide their skype address.
       Jim has taken the lead with the high school essay contest for WA, Idaho & Oregon.  He will keep us informed on the progress & need for judges for the web site.
      Captain Laible will stay on as Treasure.  He informed the group that National has been told that it is a matter of time now for the IRS to approve the request of group coverage for tax reporting.
      Officers were approved for command year 2020 and the 2020 calendar of events & meetings were also approved.  Some of the scheduled events are ” TBD” but will be fleshed out throughout the year.  Joe has been asked to prepare a midway presentation.  Floyd will arrange for the blimp presentation in Dec.  Floyd will also check out the use of the Old Admirals quarters in Magnolia and/or the blimp hanger at the U of W.  Capt. Laible will make arrangements to use the cafeteria on the Everett station.  Skype will be used at all meetings, events etc. when possible.
                                                                                          John C. Laible

May 6, 2019 – Summary of the NOUS PNW Management meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1545 at the Makers Space.

Floyd assisted all to get up on skype. It is now working very well for all. We are definitely puzzled why more of our members are not signing up so that all can join in and participate with our NOUS PNW

Participants were: John Laible, Joe Valenta, Floyd Kersher, Jim Wold, John Gertin, Mark Thompson and David Todd via skype.

NOUS Midway meeting Everett Naval Base:
• The date has been changed to Saturday June 1, 2019. Same time, 11:30 at the Everett Naval Meal Facility. Floyd is ready to present “Women Code Breakers” that made Midway a success. The manager of the facility and his family have been invited and plan to attend. We will invite all that are eating there from the base to join us as well.

•Everyone will meet no later than 11:15 so we can car pool into the base. The driver must have a military ID and every one in the car must have a military ID or a valid drivers license for admission to the base.

NOUS PNW presentation on Memorial Day:
• We have been invited to make our first “Presentation” to the Veterans at the Overlake Terrace Living and Memory Care facility at 1425 May 27, 2019 for the veterans and staff that are living there.
• Floyd is ready for the presentation and we will have a practice run through on May 18th at Floyds home at 1600 hrs.
• Many of the patients are very active and may wish to join NOUS PNW. Wow that would be so great. We will encourage those who cannon attend our meetings and outings to bring on board skype and join us that way.

Presentations to Service Organizations:
• The 27th will be our test run and then we will hone any changes and begin contacting the various service organizations. Floyd has been asked to set up 4 different presentations and let the service organizations pick and choose which topic that would interest then.

Treasurer’s Report:
We now have $696.14 in our bank account. Captain Laible chatted with National and has been told that the proper documents and check have been sent from National to the IRS to include us under their Non Profit umbrella. This should take effect for tax year 2019.

Sub base tour:
• John Gertin has contacted the Naval Sub Base to work on a tour of a Nuclear Submarine and the Trident Training Facility. It is a complicated process. We MUST have 20 or more participants, All must have proof of Being American Citizens (no your military ID will only get you on the base but not the tour), a valid pass port, birth certificate or enhanced drivers license will be the only acceptable documentation. Several dates were offered by the base. The best date was taken by the day after our meeting. The date of May 13, 2019 has been accepted. Please note that all dates are week days. Members of our NOUS PNW and those who we sponsor (wives, friends and children over the age of 11 are acceptable).
• Floyd will be sending out Evites soon. It is VERY IMPORTANT to respond as quickly as possible so we can have a count of participants. If we don’t meet the 20 minimum, we will have to call off this awesome trip.
• More information on your “evite” notice.

NOUS PNW Discussion Group Meeting:
• Captain Laible will host this meeting with a BBQ at his home. The meeting will be held on Saturday June 22 and will begin at 1800. Lots of delicious food and an open bar will be served while the discussions are being held. The subject is “looking at the future ship mission needs of the Navy”. Captain Joe Valenta will chair the meeting.
• An Evite will be sent out. Again, it will be important to respond so Cricket Laible can anticipate the food and seating requirements. If you should say “no” but change your mind, you are still absolutely welcome.
• Captain Laible’s address is 14519 NE 174th, Woodinville, Wa 98072. Tel # 206-794 Lots of easy parking. His house is easy to find – it has a flag pole with the American and Navy Flag.
• Looking for an informative and spirited discussion.

New Business:
• Floyd has set up a trip on a special tug from Astoria to Portland for the Portland Rose Festival on June 5, 2019 for the Parade of Ships. As of this writing, 2 spots are still open. Any questions about the openings and trip, please call Floyd at 206-669-1382.

The new member luncheon has been canceled for July.

The meeting was adjourned at 2000

15 March 2019 – Annual Vietnam Veterans’ Dinner, Arnie’s Restaurant, Mukilteo, WA

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Captain John C. Laible at Arnie’s restaurant, Mukilteo, Wa. at 1945. Present were Captain John Laible, Captain Joe Valenta, Commander Dan Limberg, Chief John Gertin, PO3 Mark Thompson, Floyd Kershner, Janine Whitaker and Cricket Laible.

Captain Laible expressed a special Thank You to Floyd Kershner for his fantastic extra effort setting up our detailed membership list and the many hours setting up the NOUS PNW Skype and Evite programs. Great job Floyd.

A hearty Thank You to Captain Joe Valenta for setting up this year’s Discussion Group subjects and meetings. When you attend, you would believe that you were a student back at the Naval War College. Another Great Job Joe.

Floyd and Mark are now working on our next step to educate the PNW about our NOUS organization. Floyd is now working on the script and technical procedures for presentations to all of the service organizations in the Greater Seattle area and to see if we can be spotlighted by our local TV stations for the “local interest” segments.

Mark will work on arranging the presentations to the service organizations and finding a better meeting environment at hopefully $0 cost or very minimum at locations convenient to our area members. Our outlying members can participate via Skype.

Since the theme for the nights dinner meeting was “Remembering our Viet Nam Veterans”, several of our members shared their stories of their service during that time. Captain Joe Valenta also shared about his time as the Gunnery Officer on the Cruiser Oklahoma City. He was on board when Life Magazine did a cover story with awesome pictures of the ship firing in the 8/6/65 issue. In addition he shared a picture of himself with the Oklahoma City in the back ground just before it became a “Reef”.

PO3 Mark Thompson shared his experience attending the commissioning of the USS Tulsa (LCS-16) in San Francisco on 16 February 2019 and showed us the special commissioning challenge coins he received.

Our next meeting will be our second Discussion Group this year conducted by Captain Valenta at address to be advised. The meeting is scheduled from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm, with the first 30 minutes devoted to setting up the Skype connections. And there will be an Administrative meeting to be held on May 6, location and time to be announced shortly. At that time, we will work on more special field trips and lectures for this year in addition to the schedule already organized.