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May 6, 2019
Summary of the NOUS PNW Management meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 1545 at the Makers Space.

Floyd assisted all to get up on skype. It is now working very well for all. We are definitely puzzled why more of our members are not signing up so that all can join in and participate with our NOUS PNW

Participants were: John Laible, Joe Valenta, Floyd Kersher, Jim Wold, John Gertin, Mark Thompson and David Todd via skype.

NOUS Midway meeting Everett Naval Base:
• The date has been changed to Saturday June 1, 2019. Same time, 11:30 at the Everett Naval Meal Facility. Floyd is ready to present “Women Code Breakers” that made Midway a success. The manager of the facility and his family have been invited and plan to attend. We will invite all that are eating there from the base to join us as well.

•Everyone will meet no later than 11:15 so we can car pool into the base. The driver must have a military ID and every one in the car must have a military ID or a valid drivers license for admission to the base.

NOUS PNW presentation on Memorial Day:
• We have been invited to make our first “Presentation” to the Veterans at the Overlake Terrace Living and Memory Care facility at 1425 May 27, 2019 for the veterans and staff that are living there.
• Floyd is ready for the presentation and we will have a practice run through on May 18th at Floyds home at 1600 hrs.
• Many of the patients are very active and may wish to join NOUS PNW. Wow that would be so great. We will encourage those who cannon attend our meetings and outings to bring on board skype and join us that way.

Presentations to Service Organizations:
• The 27th will be our test run and then we will hone any changes and begin contacting the various service organizations. Floyd has been asked to set up 4 different presentations and let the service organizations pick and choose which topic that would interest then.

Treasurer’s Report:
We now have $696.14 in our bank account. Captain Laible chatted with National and has been told that the proper documents and check have been sent from National to the IRS to include us under their Non Profit umbrella. This should take effect for tax year 2019.

Sub base tour:
• John Gertin has contacted the Naval Sub Base to work on a tour of a Nuclear Submarine and the Trident Training Facility. It is a complicated process. We MUST have 20 or more participants, All must have proof of Being American Citizens (no your military ID will only get you on the base but not the tour), a valid pass port, birth certificate or enhanced drivers license will be the only acceptable documentation. Several dates were offered by the base. The best date was taken by the day after our meeting. The date of May 13, 2019 has been accepted. Please note that all dates are week days. Members of our NOUS PNW and those who we sponsor (wives, friends and children over the age of 11 are acceptable).
• Floyd will be sending out Evites soon. It is VERY IMPORTANT to respond as quickly as possible so we can have a count of participants. If we don’t meet the 20 minimum, we will have to call off this awesome trip.
• More information on your “evite” notice.

NOUS PNW Discussion Group Meeting:
• Captain Laible will host this meeting with a BBQ at his home. The meeting will be held on Saturday June 22 and will begin at 1800. Lots of delicious food and an open bar will be served while the discussions are being held. The subject is “looking at the future ship mission needs of the Navy”. Captain Joe Valenta will chair the meeting.
• An Evite will be sent out. Again, it will be important to respond so Cricket Laible can anticipate the food and seating requirements. If you should say “no” but change your mind, you are still absolutely welcome.
• Captain Laible’s address is 14519 NE 174th, Woodinville, Wa 98072. Tel # 206-794 Lots of easy parking. His house is easy to find – it has a flag pole with the American and Navy Flag.
• Looking for an informative and spirited discussion.

New Business:
• Floyd has set up a trip on a special tug from Astoria to Portland for the Portland Rose Festival on June 5, 2019 for the Parade of Ships. As of this writing, 2 spots are still open. Any questions about the openings and trip, please call Floyd at 206-669-1382.

The new member luncheon has been canceled for July.

The meeting was adjourned at 2000

15 March 2019 – Annual Vietnam Veterans’ Dinner, Arnie’s Restaurant, Mukilteo, WA

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Captain John C. Laible at Arnie’s restaurant, Mukilteo, Wa. at 1945. Present were Captain John Laible, Captain Joe Valenta, Commander Dan Limberg, Chief John Gertin, PO3 Mark Thompson, Floyd Kershner, Janine Whitaker and Cricket Laible.

Captain Laible expressed a special Thank You to Floyd Kershner for his fantastic extra effort setting up our detailed membership list and the many hours setting up the NOUS PNW Skype and Evite programs. Great job Floyd.

A hearty Thank You to Captain Joe Valenta for setting up this year’s Discussion Group subjects and meetings. When you attend, you would believe that you were a student back at the Naval War College. Another Great Job Joe.

Floyd and Mark are now working on our next step to educate the PNW about our NOUS organization. Floyd is now working on the script and technical procedures for presentations to all of the service organizations in the Greater Seattle area and to see if we can be spotlighted by our local TV stations for the “local interest” segments.

Mark will work on arranging the presentations to the service organizations and finding a better meeting environment at hopefully $0 cost or very minimum at locations convenient to our area members. Our outlying members can participate via Skype.

Since the theme for the nights dinner meeting was “Remembering our Viet Nam Veterans”, several of our members shared their stories of their service during that time. Captain Joe Valenta also shared about his time as the Gunnery Officer on the Cruiser Oklahoma City. He was on board when Life Magazine did a cover story with awesome pictures of the ship firing in the 8/6/65 issue. In addition he shared a picture of himself with the Oklahoma City in the back ground just before it became a “Reef”.

PO3 Mark Thompson shared his experience attending the commissioning of the USS Tulsa (LCS-16) in San Francisco on 16 February 2019 and showed us the special commissioning challenge coins he received.

Our next meeting will be our second Discussion Group this year conducted by Captain Valenta at address to be advised. The meeting is scheduled from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm, with the first 30 minutes devoted to setting up the Skype connections. And there will be an Administrative meeting to be held on May 6, location and time to be announced shortly. At that time, we will work on more special field trips and lectures for this year in addition to the schedule already organized.