National History Day is Underway in the Northwest!

Volunteer judges needed for Oregon and Idaho!

Nine companions and family members from NOUS Northwest are currently acting as volunteer judges for National History Day in contests taking place across Washington. We expect other judges to sign up to judge at Idaho and Oregon contests and at the Washington State final contest. Those state level events begin in February/March and conclude at the national level during 14-18 June 2020 on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park.

National History Day is a nationwide Social Studies program that encourages students in grades 7 – 12 to engage with primary source materials such as historical newspapers, diaries, books, artifacts, etc., in forming their own opinions about historical topics.

CAPT Jim McGinnis, MSC, USN (Ret.) participated as a judge in the Southwest Washington Regional Contest in Vancouver, WA.

The first local competition in the Northwest was held in Vancouver, WA on 29 February 2020 and was judged by NOUS Northwest volunteers CAPT Jim and Carol McGinnis. CAPT McGinnis observed “What a great experience for us to see so many wonderful hardworking young people at Vancouver iTech high school.”

In support of Northwest maritime studies, the commandery is providing a $100 prize for the best regional entry with a naval history focus.

“Deep Sea Exploration” entry in the Southwest Washington Regional National History Day Contest.
“The Beatles’ Story” entry at the Southwest Washington Regional National History Day Contest

Commandery Contact: CAPT Richard N Griffin, USNR (Ret.), National History Day Coordinator

(National History Day logo courtesy of NHD organization website at

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