Coming Up: Discussion Group – “The Arctic Region”

NOUS Northwest Companions: Now is the time to put 17 February on your calendar for participation in the Commandery’s next Discussion Group. We have a huge topic for this session: The Arctic Region.

“In the arctic icefields”
c1890 July 24.

Our Discussion Group Leader, CAPT Joe Valenta has done some great preliminary work on this subject, prompted by the melting of the Arctic. His comment was: “We have a tiger by the tail!”

There has been a lot written about the impact that increased temperatures have had on the region over the past 10 years, which of course brings us right into the broader global warming topic. During our discussions, we will attempt to analyze this matter along with determining how world commerce, military strategy, etc, may be impacted!

There is an abundance of information online, so each companion/guest is encouraged to gather their own reference material. A few resources that Joe has reviewed include the following:

A sampling of online sites:
1) The Arctic Institute
2) Time Magazine
3) Northwest Passage blog

Book references:
1) Melting Arctic Ice (Ecological Disasters), by Carol Hand, 2017
2) Climate Change, by Sam O. Otukol, 2017
3) Atmosphere of Hope, by Tim Flannery, 2018
4) Climate Change: Natural or Manmade? by Joe Fone, 2013

Other sources which may be of interest:

• US Department of Defense, Report to Congress Arctic Strategy, June 2019

• US Coast Guard Arctic Strategic Outlook, April 2019

As with all of our Discussion Groups, let’s meet having accomplished some independent research and and then join in with the group to learn more about the issue at hand. On 17 February, it’s “The Arctic Region!”

One final note: For all Northwest companions who cannot make it to Everett on 17 February, how about joining the discussion by SKYPE. You will be as close as your cell phone or laptop to a great learning experience!

Join “The Arctic Region”, via Skype

Top photo credits: PGA – Bradford, William–In the arctic icefields
Repository, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USApga 00281 //
Library of Congress Control Number 2003680688
Reproduction Number LC-DIG-pga-00281 (digital file from original print)

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