NOUS Northwest Supports National History Day

Now hear this: Volunteer judges needed!

National History Day ( began in 1974. Today, as a 501c non-profit, it provides students in all 50 states with opportunities to conduct historical research and present that research in one of several forms: research paper, dramatic performance, display board, documentary, or website.

Students in Grades 7-12 organize their research around an annual theme (e.g. Breaking Barriers in History.) Competitions are held at regional, state, and national levels. Funding at all levels is a combination of private and public donors.

Logo courtesy of NHD at

Each state has its own History Day organization and competitions. Some state organizations are administered by the department of education, while others are led by historical societies. Each state’s program is led by a coordinator who schedules and organizes competitions at the local and state levels.

The NOUS Northwest Commandery has contacted the state coordinators for Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. The coordinators have agreed to inform us of the dates and locations of each competition in their state, and we have agreed to recruit volunteer judges for their competitions.

Winners at the state level competitions are invited to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. This year’s national competition will take place 14-18 June.

Companions of the NOUS Northwest Commandery can contribute to the program by serving as a judge at one of the regional and/or state competitions. In addition, the Commandery will provide a $100 prize for the best entry with a naval history focus in Washington State. Similar awards are offered at the national level.

Commandery Contact: CAPT Richard N Griffin, USNR (RET.), National History Day Coordinator

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