NOUS Northwest Well-Represented in Boston at 2019 Congress!

Reporting in from the 2019 annual Congress in Boston, many thanks to CAPT Joe Valenta, USN (RET.):

“This year’s 2019 Congress was held on October 22-26 at the Constitution Inn, in Charlestown, across the bay (and a ferry ride) from north end of downtown Boston. We were only a short walk from the old Boston Navy Yard where the USS Constitution is docked, and we had a special tour of her on Thursday. Committee meetings were held on Tuesday & Wednesday, with the General Council session on Thursday. During these days, the business of the conference was conducted and reported on at the General Session on Friday. So many of the attendees that weren’t involved in the business side only came on Friday to hear the various reports hear speakers, and view several award presentations. A banquet was held on Saturday evening with the change of command ceremony. We were told that there were 62 members present.

Photo from NOUS national website

“Attending from the Northwest were Jim & Carol McGinnis, Gil & Sharon Beyer, and Joe Valenta-so there were 5 of us representing our Commandery. I was able to introduce our Gil Beyer – who in turn was able to mention his book “Tin Can” to the group and he described how it could be obtained. I also introduced Jim & Carol McGinnis with a short historic preamble about Jim’s great grandfather Sgt Charles Calhoun Philbrook, USMC being a founder of NOUS and the 1st Commander General from 1890-93, and they got a warm reception from the group!

ETC Gil & Sharon Beyer and Carol & CAPT Jim McGinnis seated, with CAPT Joe Valenta standing at a session of Congress

“The Site Selection Committee announced that they plan to alternate the future Congress sites between the east & west coasts. They confirmed that 2020 will be in Buffalo as was previously announced, 2021 will be San Diego (Allan Cruz, our new CG from San Francisco will chair it), then 2022 is to be at the National Capital in DC, and for 2023 Seattle is planned.

Col Allan Cruz, USMC (RET.) being sworn in as our new Commander General (CG) at the banquet on Saturday, 26 Oct

“Three National Awards were given out by Capt Paul Crissy our Commander General to Adm James Hoog, Adm Mark Ferguson, and MCPO Eric Johnson-These annual awards are well explained in the newest issue of the NOUS Newsletter.

Capt Paul Crissy, USCG (Ret) CG, presenting Adm Mark Ferguson, USN (Ret) our Distinguished Sea Service Award

“I made several reports to the group regarding the status of national projects, and also discussed improvements to our process for managing and approving these projects. They elected me to a new 2 year term as the VCG-Project Director, which is a member of the General Council. Also, I was presented with one of several “Lifetime Achievement Awards” by the CG.”

CAPT Joe Valenta in the Captain’s quarters on the USS Constitution during the tour

Congratulations Joe on your Lifetime Achievement Award and reappointment to the General Council! And many thanks for a great report. Also a Bravo Zulu to Jim & Carol McGinnis and Gil & Sharon Beyer for also representing the Northwest Commandery!

And more photos below from the 2019 Congress:

A famous old painting of the ship engaged in battle protected by a glass cover
Sharon Beyer, CAPT Jim & Carol McGinnis, & CAPT Sandy Lockwood of San Francisco on tour
The Historical marker from the National Park Service designation in 1960
The main mast of the USS Constitution with the ship’s maintenance crew
ETC Gil and Carol Beyer on the cannon deck
Capt Jim and Carol McGinnis sitting, with Capt Joe Valenta in standing between, at banquet
A cannon close up!
CAPT Joe Valenta on the dock in front of the USS Constitution’s brow with the skyline of Boston

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