75 Years Ago Today: The Battle of Leyte Gulf Ends

Scene in the sky control of USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) during the Battle of Surigao Straight, 24-25 October 1944. (US Naval History and Heritage Command photo, Catalog #: 80-G-288496.

Today (October 26) marks the 75th anniversary of the final day of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. According to the Naval History and Heritage Command website, the battle “ends with Navy carriers and U.S. Army Air Forces aircraft continuing the attack on the retreating Japanese. Three enemy light cruisers and several smaller ships are lost during the day. At a distinct disadvantage at the beginning of the Leyte Gulf fight, the Japanese Imperial Navy loses so many ships and men in a few days of battle that it could play only a minor role during the remainder of World War II.” (Quote from https://www.history.navy.mil/today-in-history/october-26.html)

If you would like to learn more about the Battle of Leyte Gulf itself as well as some great backstories, head over to the Naval Institute podcast to hear guest Rich Frank unravel the mystery behind “the world wonders” message, one of the most famous ever sent in naval history. If you are not familiar with that message, the free podcast can be accessed here for some really interesting listening!

While you are at the Naval Institute website and if you enjoy maritime subjects, why not consider joining at the link here? US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard topics are all well-covered by the Naval Institute, “the home of influential debate since 1873.”

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