Discussion Group Briefed on US Navy Planning & Budgeting

On 23 September, nine NOUS Northwest companions and guests participated in a continuation of the commandery’s Discussion Group series at SnoCo Makerspace in Everett. On this occasion, the group met for an excellent overview and Powerpoint presentation of “US Navy Planning and Budgeting” by CDR Casey Casey M. Mahon, USN, who is commanding officer of USS RALPH JOHNSON (DDG 114) as well as a NOUS companion. DDG 114 is home ported just next door in Everett, WA. (Note that CDR Mahon previously led an outstanding tour of his command for NOUS Northwest members on 27 July. Be sure and check out the earlier blog entry for that event which was posted on 28 July.)

CDR Mahon leads the NOUS Northwest Discussion Group

Drawing from his three years of duty in the Pentagon from 2013-2016 involving the subject of the evening, CDR Mahon expanded on a pre-reading which was circulated to participants beforehand. The complexities of developing Naval requirements, funding and execution were at first mind-boggling, but with CDR Mahon’s guidance, the entire process was presented in an easy-to-understand format. Many thanks to him for his presentation as well as for answering many questions from the group.

Also, appreciation to CAPT John Laible, USN (Ret.) who coordinated the pre-reading and scheduling of this Discussion Group.

Joining CDR Mahon for the Discussion Group were Joe Valenta, Harry Stengele, Floyd Kershner, John Laible and Cricket Laible and their guest Nancy Balin, Mike Graff and Solon Webb (by Skype from Portland).

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