Are You A Member of the US Naval Institute?

Are you a member of USNI?  If not, and you have an interest in US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard subjects, the Naval Institute is for you!  Here’s a little background information quoted from their website, accessed at USNI HISTORY.

“History of the U.S. Naval Institute

“The U.S. Naval Institute has been a fixture at the U.S. Naval Academy since its founding in 1873 by a group of 15 naval officers who began meeting to discuss the serious implications of a smaller, post-Civil War Navy and other matters of professional interest. The Naval Institute’s headquarters on the grounds of the Naval Academy have a commanding view of the Severn River and the cemetery, where lie some of the most prominent heroes in Navy and Marine Corps lore.

“The founding vision was to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, to disseminate and advance the knowledge of sea power, and to preserve our naval and maritime heritage. The ‘proceedings’ of those earliest discussions were eventually published and read throughout the fleet. It was in the fleet, at the tip of the sword, where the value of the Naval Institute’s forum was truly felt. The impact of the new organization spread quickly and soon embraced all of the nation’s Sea Services-Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Today, the Naval Institute boasts more than 100,000 constituents worldwide.”

The USNI offers many forms of media including books, periodicals, blogs and also a weekly podcast.  The podcasts are a great way to keep up-to-speed with current maritime discussions and they also provide a good way to spend productive time while driving or taking a long walk!  Check out the USNI podcasts available at the following site: PODCAST

The Naval Institute’s main website can be accessed HERE and provides all you need to know about their offerings and benefits, including membership.

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