Looking Back: Former CNO Hayward’s Emphasis on Pride, Confidence and Professionalism

Going back in time, Admiral Tom Hayward, USN (RET), provided the Navy with an essential message of professional guidance during his tenure as CNO.  Take a look at the April 1981 issue of All Hands magazine.  There you will find a great article with a timeless message, including the following opening commentary:

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.56.47 PM

“Admiral Thomas B. Hayward’s message in (a then-recently published CNO) Sitrep centered on three major points: his pride in today’s Navy and its people; his confidence in new weaponry – along with his confidence in the service as a career and a profession; and his desire to revitalize special a special aspect of our professionalism.”  (Emphasis added).  The article continued:

“This last point, the very core of his message, has become the Chief of Naval Operations’ special objective in 1981.  ‘Now is the time,’ he said, ‘for each of us to take a personal inventory of how well we stack up, and to rededicate ourselves to achieving a level of military professionalism befitting the finest navy in the world. . .”

You can access the complete article by clicking ALL HANDS.

Admiral Hayward is a companion of the NOUS Northwest Commandery.

(Commentary and quotes, link and photography taken from All Hands magazine, US Navy, pp. 2-7,  Published in April 1981.  Photos taken by PH2 Bob Hamilton.)


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