The Marine Corps at Midway

The Marine Corps Association and Foundation’s website contains a very interesting synopsis of Marine Corps operations during the Battle of Midway, the subject of which is being commemorated by NOUS Northwest on 23 June at Naval Station Everett.Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 1.16.57 PM

The summary was written by R.R. Keene and was first published in June 1992.  One excerpt includes the following quote describing events in early May 1942, a month prior to the battle:

“Marines there noted how thorough the admiral (Nimitz) was, especially when it came to checking defensive positions. Nimitz then turned to Marine Lieutenant Colonel Harold D. Shannon, commander of 6th Defense Bn., ‘What more would you need to hold Midway against a large scale attack?’

“Shannon stated his requirements, which were considerable. Nimitz nodded and then asked, “If I get you all these things you say you need, then can you hold Midway against a major amphibious assault?”

“‘Yes, sir.’

“Nimitz smiled, relaxed and said, ‘You get a detailed list directly to me and I will get you whatever you need, providing it is available.’

“Nimitz was as good as his word. Shannon completed his list on May 7, and in less than a week, Marines and material were being embarked from Hawaii to reinforce Midway.”

The full written summary by R. R. Keene can be accessed HERE.

(Above quote from Marine Corps Association and Foundation website at

(Eagle, Globe and Anchor image above obtained from USMC website at

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