It’s Time for Baseball, a Navy Tradition…

Tonight (29 March) is Opening Night for the Seattle Mariners, hosting Cleveland at Safeco Field.

For NOUS Northwest companions, did you know that the Northwest also once had a local baseball exhibit that is currently being featured in the Naval History and Heritage Command’s website?  That’s right!  Megan Churchill, Museum Curator of the Puget Sound Navy Museum wrote in 2016 about an exhibit at that museum, which explored the history of Navy baseball through World War II.



Famous sea-service stars who played baseball included Yogi Berra, Bob Feller and Ted Williams.  You can read about the Bremerton exhibit by clicking HERE  and see some great photos, including a game being played on the deck of an aircraft carrier shown above.  (Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command magazine “Sextant” at

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