Two New Learning Opportunities



Having completed our first charter year on 17 January, NOUS Northwest is now fully up-and-running!  Just by looking at our Upcoming Events (shown at right on laptop, bottom of page on tablets and phones), you will notice numerous events scheduled as we commemorate our US Maritime heritage:  Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, NOAA, US Public Health and Merchant Marine.

Two exciting new opportunities are highlighted below.


One recurring event which will be inaugurated on 3 April is a Discussion Group that will examine important maritime topics.  We will start with Naval Collisions at Sea and we will meet for the first time from 6-8 pm at Lynnwood Library.


Future topics may include Non-State Combatants, Cyber Warfare, Admirals of World War II, The Role of Hospital Ships and the South China Sea.  Advance reading materials will be provided by email by our coordinator, CAPT John Laible.  (Note:  The references for Naval Collisions at Sea will be available in early March.)  These discussion groups are intended to be informative, timely and entertaining.  So check the dates in the Upcoming Events and mark them on your calendars.


Another opportunity to learn history while helping Washington students in their studies is described by Katie DeMar-Aldridge, National History Day Coordinator for the Washington State Historical Society:

“Calling all Friends of History Education!

“Your help is needed in evaluating historical research projects around the Washington State for this year’s National History Day competition! Students from all over the state will be competing in regional contests as they work their way to the big state contest which is held Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Green River College. We need judges to help make this happen. Our ideal judges are history professionals, educators and other adults who believe in the importance of learning about the past, but most importantly, judges must be ready to listen and provide fair, helpful evaluations on all student work.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.58.48 AM.png

If you would like to participate in the National History Day Project, more information can be obtained HERE for Judge Registration Information and HERE for the Historical Society’s website with preliminary contest dates, locations, etc.  These contests are being held all over the state and NOUS Northwest volunteers are needed.  So far, we have three one-day judges committed from our commandery.  If you can join them, please contact NOUS Northwest’s Commander, CAPT Joe Valenta.

(National History Day image above taken from Washington Affiliate of US National History Day website at

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