Final Call for USS PORTLAND Commissioning Tickets

ACT NOW FOR TICKETS!  Update from Companion CAPT David Todd (USN-Ret):  For anyone who is interested in attending the USS PORTLAND (LPD 27) commissioning in Portland on 21 April 2018, please note that the time for securing tickets is about to close.  The projected number of attendees is rapidly approaching the 5000-person capacity of the Terminal 2 site, so the plan is to cut off applications for invitations right about February 1.

TICKET PROCESS:  It is a two-stage process: request an invitation, and then when an invitation is sent out, specify the number of tickets desired. You do not have to specify the number of tickets at the start – but remember that a reasonableness rule will apply, so if more than four or five tickets are wanted, there should be multiple invitation requests submitted, each  by a different person interested in attending.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.00.11 AM.png

(Above image from USS PORTLAND commissioning committee website at

GETTING STARTED:  Here is how to start the process by submitting an electronic request….

The USS PORTLAND Commissioning Committee website ( available both HERE and HEREToo which both take you to the site) has a link on the top of the home page – “Request Your Commissioning Invitation”. This takes you to a second page that lists the scheduled commissioning date and has another link – “Click Here to Request Your Invitation”.

This link takes you to an online request form that, when you submit it electronically, provides the invitations coordinator the input data being collected for submission to the Navy.  Be sure to specify Naval Order of the United States as the organization.

The Navy will issue the actual invitations in early March. The invitations will be mailed directly to the address provided on this form. At that time you will be asked to indicate how many tickets you desire, and the actual tickets will be distributed based on responses received from the invitation mailing.

ONE FINAL NOTE ON THE WEATHER:  The seating area will not be covered, so keep the NW spring weather in mind when preparing.

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