News of Interest – 10 November 2017

TOMORROW:  11 November Brunch at NS Everett

NOUS Northwest Commandery will be commemorating the Navy’s birthday combined with Veterans’ Day tomorrow at Naval Station Everett.  CAPT Joe Valenta (USN-Ret) will start the program with a PowerPoint analysis of the Continental Navy in 1775.  Joe will be followed by Companion Floyd Kershner who will discuss the origin of the Marine Corps sword.  The brunch will be held at the All American Restaurant on the Naval Station.  Cost per person will be approximately $10 and all friends and family are invited.  The facility is cafeteria style and offers a salad bar as well as omelettes to order.


Mark your calendars now!  The 2018 NOUS Congress is now scheduled for 24-28 October in San Antonio.  We will be hearing all about the recent Jacksonville Congress tomorrow at the NS Everett brunch (above).


Want a great place to keep up with daily maritime news?  Check out the US Naval Institute’s website at maritime news.

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