Happy 242nd Birthday, USMC!

Today is the US Marine Corps birthday.  The USMC official website has a great summary of major battles in it’s 242 year history which can be accessed by clicking on major Marine battles.

It starts in 1776 at Fort Nassau as the first battle described in Marines.mil slideshow titled “Battles Through Time”:

Just weeks after banding together, the Continental Marines successfully executed their first amphibious landing on a hostile shore.  The British had been storing large supplies of gunpowder at Fort Nassau in the Bahamas for use in battle against the 13 colonies. Captain Samuel Nicholas and 234 Marines sailed with the Continental Navy on a mission to capture the supply.


Within minutes of the Marines’ arrival, the British troops had surrendered. In addition to the gunpowder, Captain Nicholas successfully acquired cannons and other military stores.  The Marines’ first battle and success paved the way for greater operations to come.

(“Legacy Through Time”, at Marines’ website, https://www.marines.com/who-we-are/our-legacy/battles-through-time.html.)

That legendary legacy continued with the following battles being described in the website:

1805 – The Battle of Durna


1847 – The Battle of Chapultepec

1918 – The Battle of Belleau Wood

1945 – The Battle of Iwo Jima

1950 – Chosin Reservoir

1968 – The Battle of Hue

1991 – Operation Desert Storm

2001 – Operation Enduring Freedom

2003 to 2011 – Iraq War

Each slide in the presentation provides historians with excellent background summaries.

So, Happy Birthday, Marines!

Note:  If you or a family member are/were a Marine, you may be eligible for membership in the Naval Order.  For more information, click on the tab above, “Join NOUS!”.

(Both photo’s above were obtained from the Marine Corp website:  https://www.marines.com/who-we-are/our-legacy/battles-through-time.html)


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