For Midway Historians, Were the Broken Codes a Spilled Secret?

According to today’s Chicago Tribune, that newspaper’s “front page of June 7, 1942, was led by a report on the Battle of Midway that made evident the U.S. had cracked the Japanese naval code.”*  Read about why a grand jury failed to indict war correspondent Stanley Johnston or the Tribune’s then-managing editor for that disclosure.  And learn about Admiral Ernest J. King’s central role in this little known story about World War II at TRIBUNE MIDWAY STORY.  The article quotes many key observations from author Elliott Carlson who has just published a new book, “Stanley Johnston’s Blunder:  The Reporter Who Spilled the Secret Behind the U.S. Navy’s Victory at Midway”.  That work was available on October 15 and can be reviewed on Amazon’s website at CARLSON BOOK.

*Tribune story written by Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas, October 25, 2017

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