2017 Naval Order Congress Wraps Up With Numerous Awards

Yesterday, the 2017 Annual NOUS Congress came to a close with many individuals receiving recognition for their service to the Naval Order or to the Maritime Services overall.  Our own Founding Commander, CAPT Joe Valenta, USN (Ret.), was included among those honored!  More on Joe’s award follows at the conclusion of this report.

So for now, grab a hot cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the final day of the 2017 NOUS Congress…..


IMG_1075The Distinguished Sea Service Awards are given annually in recognition of exemplary service by a senior flag officer and a senior enlisted member of one of the maritime services.  The awardees will have finished their active service to qualify for this award.  This years honorees were Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN (Ret.) and Master Chief Petty Officer Michael P. Leavitt, USCG (Ret.).

In the photo at right, Admiral Greenert is receiving his award from NOUS Commander General CAPT Michele Lockwood, USN (Ret.).  The photo provides a good sense of the setting for the evening.

Admiral Greenert, a submarine officer, followed a distinguished career path which included a variety of shipboard assignments, one of them being command of USS Honolulu (SSN 718).  His tours also included several fleet commands and numerous senior billets prior to becoming the 30th Chief of Naval Operations, from 2011 to 2015.

IMG_1077In the photo (at left), Admiral Greenert provided remarks to the Congress after receiving his award.  More about Admiral Greenert’s record can be found on the National website at ADM Greenert’s BIO.

MCPO Leavitt also shared a distinguished maritime career, which included Officer in Charge of Coast Guard Cutter Doran as well as six Coast Guard Stations spread from Hawaii to both mainland coasts.  Following a long list of other sea-going billets, MCPO Leavitt ultimately went on to serve as the 11th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard from 2010-2014.  Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 12.05.50 PM

More about MCPO Leavitt and his career can be also found on the National website at MCPO Leavitt’s BIO.  His photo at right was obtained from the National NOUS site at (http://www.navalorder.org/awards/2017/7/22/mcpocg-michael-p-leavitt-uscg-ret-2017-distinguished-sea-service-awardee)


According to the NOUS National site “The Admiral of the Navy George Dewey Award honors a US citizen eligible for regular membership in the Naval Order who has established a record of exemplary service as a senior civilian that sets that individual apart from his or her peers.”  This year’s recipient is Robert J. Stevens, retired Executive Chairman of Lockheed Corporation.  Mr. Stevens also served in the Marine Corps in the early 1970’s.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 12.21.03 PMMr. Stevens (pictured at left), completed two years of active USMC service, which included graduation from boot camp as the Outstanding Marine of Platoon 3073. He also was the recipient of the Outstanding Recruit Award for the 3d Battalion given by Leatherneck Magazine.  His current activities include a long list of distinguished board and civic functions.

To learn more about Mr. Stevens’ achievements, click  on RobtStevensBIO.

Photo obtained from National website at http://www.navalorder.org/awards/2017/7/22-chairman-robert-j-stevens-2017-admiral-of-the-navy-george-dewey-award.


The 2017 Congress also was the site for the NOUS National change of command.  in the photo below, outgoing Commander General CAPT Michele Lockwood, USN (Ret.) receives a commemorative gift following her relief by CAPT Paul H. Crissy, USCG (Ret.)


CAPT Lockwood has led NOUS as Commander General since 2015.  CAPT Crissy also serves as President and Director of the Naval Order Foundation, which initiates and supports various projects and monuments to preserve prominent figures, deeds and memories of our naval and maritime history.


In addition to Joe Valenta, pictured in two articles below, NOUS Northwest was well represented by additional companions in attendance:  Gil Beyer and Rich Whitkop helped Joe put our Command on the NOUS map by attending this first-ever Congress to be held since our charter was granted earlier in January.


Dressed for the occasion in the photo above were (second left to right) Gil and Sherry Beyer and Rich Whitkop.  Many thanks to you who attended on our Commandery’s behalf.  Next year’s 2018 NOUS Congress will be held in San Antonio and we will hear more from our delegates about that event at the brunch at NS Everett on 11 November.


As part of the final day’s ceremonies, the 2017 Congress reserved a special time for those fallen members of our Maritime Services.  The moment was marked by CAPT Ken Johnson, USN (Ret.) and CAPT Joe Valenta, USN (Ret.), left and right in the photo below, ringing a bell to remember those brave service members.


As stated on our National website, the Naval Order is dedicated to preserving, promoting and celebrating the history of our nation’s maritime services.  These endeavors are especially important for remembering our fallen heroes.


IMG_4939In recognition of NOUS Northwest’s very successful first year of operation, our founding leader, Joe Valenta, was recognized by Commander General Michele Lockwood for his Service Excellence to the Naval Order.  Joe was presented a red and white mini-medal which can be seen on his white tux at right.

After receiving the award, Joe was quick to say that while the award may have been given to him, the true credit for NOUS Northwest’s success goes to many of you reading this posting.  The contributions and cooperation of so many NOUS Northwest companions have given us positive momentum for entering 2018.  (Editors note:  So, good LEADERSHIP and good MEMBERSHIP are just the right combination!)

But before we ring the old year out, we still have two excellent events remaining for 2017: our Veterans’ Day/Navy Birthday Celebration brunch on 11 November and the Pearl Harbor Remembrance dinner on 8 December.  Plan on attending one or both!

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