Official NOUS Northwest Charter Received in JAX!

At this writing, the 2017 Naval Order Congress is underway in Jacksonville, Florida and will continue through Saturday, 21 October.  We are fortunate to have three companions representing our Commandery for the first time: NOUS Northwest Commander Joe Valenta, Rich Whitkop and Gil Beyer.  Having been chartered for less than a year, (6 January), this is a milestone event for the Commandery and for Joe, Rich and Gil.  We look forward to hearing from them first-hand about the Congress at our scheduled brunch set for Naval Station Everett on 11 November.


Yesterday, the highlight of the 2017 Congress for our Commandery occurred when NOUS Commander General CAPT Michele Lockwood, USN (Ret.), center-above, presented our official charter certificate to CAPT Valenta, USN (Ret.), right-above, which includes 32 names of NOUS Northwest plank owners.  An image of the USS Constitution was included with the presentation and will be available for all to see at our 11 November brunch.  Also pictured above on the left is CAPT Ken Johnson, USN (Ret.), who received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his long-standing leadership and many contributions made to the Naval Order.  CAPT Johnson is presently the Commander of Monterey NOUS.

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